Sunday June 30th 2002
It's Usagi's birthday! ^^ Well, I was hoping to have something today, but since I haven't been able to get online much over the past few days we're just going to have to settle with a new counter in the home section. This counter will later be transfered over to the project which if all goes well, will open in about a week. Later!

Tuesday June 25th 2002
Okay so here's what's been going on. As you can see the frames version has been adapted into a popup so that it'll look better in larger resolutions. Also the frames version is down. This is because I am switching off of tripod (the pop-ups are driving me insane) and onto the server which previously contained my non-frames layout. There is a catch however. That server is finishing up some upgrades so there are still a few bugs in their system. As soon as they're set, then L2C will be just about ready to go. There are some new surprises in the new "version." I use the term version loosely. And as for eth font issue, I figured it out so it's all good now. Well, hopefully it won't be too long now. Ja ne!

Sunday June 2nd 2002
Insanity, mayhem, disaster! Oi, that's school for you, and as a result I haven't been able to work on the site. So for today, it's just a new link to Deidre's site in the SM links section and a few alterations in Chikara which aren't complete. I'm being really hesistant to do new layout because something weird is going on with my comp. A lot of the text is coming out in bigger sizes. Hopefully, I'll get a couple new fics up next week. I've already got a start on them. Well, thanks for your support. Ja ne!

Sunday May 19th 2002
Gomen, minna! It's been such a long time! At least there's some good news today. I posted another fanfic up. It's Patch's "Healer," a wonderful fic set in the Silver Millenium. Please, check it out! 'Til next time! Ja!

Saturday May 4th 2002
Yay! Happy updates today. ^^ A new fanfic is up. This time it's Antigone's "On a Wing and a Prayer." It's a very sweet fanfic set in the Silver Millenium timeline so be sure to check it out sometime. Guess what? There's even more good news! The frames SM library is now updated so it contains all of the Sailor Moon fanfics, even the newer ones. The back links, however, go to the non-frames version so don't use them if you're on frames. But, it's not that big of a deal since the fics still open to a new window. Well, that's all for now. Jamata!

IMPORTANT: Announcement as of Friday April 19th
As a result of unstable servers and me not knowing how long it could be until I get a stabelized account on possibly a pay server (these ads and restrictions are driving me insane), I have decided that the next few months will be soley dedicated to expanding the libraries with more fanfiction. Therefore further development of the CB and Misc non-frames verson will be on a hiatus. Gomen nasai, minna!

Friday April 19th 2002
Well, another slight server change on the non-frames version. None of the fanfics have been switched though. The server has less ads so it's better in that aspect. Also a small midi change on the non-frames home page. I'm currently waiting for fanfic responses so hold tight. Hopefully, there will be more up soon. Arigato, minna, for putting up with me. Jamata!

Sunday April 7th 2002
Ah, ads. How I hate thee... *sigh* Oh well, when I get a job. I will be rid of thee. Anyways, I finally switched the final gw fic into non-frames so now the gw library is complete. Also there are more midis up. Next week, I tackle the misc section. But for now, bye!

Sunday March 31st 2002
Well, well, what do you know? It's the last day of March. I watched the Escaflowne movie at the movies yesterday. It's pretty cool. Anyways, two more new fanfics are up. They are Lois Fogg's "Fire" and Stormlight's "Love Waits For you." For the next couple of weeks new fanfics will only be up on the non-frames version. I don't really like the frames fanfic versions so I was going to have them all link to the newer, non-frames versions. But, there's the matter of different back links so I'll have to think about it for a while. And then when I'm on break, I'll finish that up. I'm gonna start putting up some midis now so I best be going. Bye!

Sunday March 24th 2002
Grr... Tripod won't let me into my filemanager. *sighs* Well, I did get the non-frames version kinda up. The only things that are broken-links-free are the GW and SM libraries. There are three new fanfics up, but they're only in the non-frames version. Hopefully, I'll get them up in frames next week. They are Bella's "The Past of Benton," and Stormlight's "Cousins," and "The Search is over." Go check 'em out! (And hopefully, I'll be able to get into the filemanager next week.) Also, midi's are still down so ignore the "You are listening to" things at the bottom of the page. They'll be up next weekend. Bye!

Sunday March 17th 2002
I am nearing the bend! I decided to move the non-frames version to a different server so there was a lot of moving today. But, I still accomplished a lot of things. I may not have the Candy Break and/or Misc section up, but I can garantee you guys that I will release the non-frames version next weekend. There are a lot of things that were or are being redone. I'm currently in the process of putting every fanfic into a new layout which is taking a while 'cause I keep getting side tracked and reading them. Hey, they're good fics. ^^ There's a lot more to be done so I've got my work cut out for me. More good news! If all goes well, there will be at least three new fanfics up next week as well as the new layout. So lots to look forward to! Hang tight just a little longer! 'Til next time, bye!

Sunday March 10th 2002
Err... More news. ^^ Bravenet's back up so the guestbook and counter are working again. Yay! The non-frames version is coming along. I've got the SM and GW sections done and the Misc started. I never realized how picky I've gotten on hues, fonts, and coordination since I started. Oy, it's been a hassle. I'll be shooting for next weekend, but it'll probably the one after that. Also, you can expect some new fics to be posted when the new non-frames version is released so a lot of things to look forward to, just not a lot of things to rejoice about right now. Gomen! Jamatta!

Sunday March 3rd 2002
Well, it's not really an update today. It's more of a news brief. ^^ Bravenet is down which means my counter and guestbook aren't working. Right now, I'm working on a non-frames version of the site. Also, I'm kinda waiting out for permission from a couple authors, but neither are replying so yeah... If you know of any good Usa/Mamo or GW action fics, please email me. Ja ne!

Friday February 22th 2002
It's been a while. Gomen! Today, I started to get up the info section in the Candy Break. So far, only the G-boy's basic profiles are up. It's gonna be another long term project so expect more updates on the area later. Ja matta!

Sunday February 10th 2002
I guess this weekend was a pretty good one at L2C. ^^ I finally got the Sailor Moon quiz up in the Candy break. Finally. Be sure to check it out. Well, I better go and look for more fics. See ya!

Saturday February 9th 2002
Yay! Another fic is up today, and guess what? It's a gundam wing fic! Yep, you read that right. It's "OZ Soldier" by Bella. It's a one take story with an interesting POV. Instead of being told by a Gundam Pilot or another major character, it's told from the eyes of an OZ Soldier. Very interesting so go check it out! Also there are some slight midi changes, but otherwise that's it. Ja ne!

Saturday February 2nd 2002
Hey lookie it's 02/02/02! Hehe. Anywho, good news today. I got another SM fanfic up. It's Elysia's "Touch the Dawn." Very sweet fic. It's quite different from the others I've posted here. There's more of a focus on Mamoru, but there's still Usa/Mamo stuff. Be sure to check it out. Also, I have added a link to the author's site in the link section under SM Links. On another note, I still need some GW fics. Email me or sign my guestbook if you have any good ones. More later! Ja ne!

Sunday January 27th 2002
Well, it's been an interesting week for me. Dontcha think it's time for L2C to celebrate the seasons more? I do! So now there's snow on this page. ^^ Hope you guys like it. It's just this page so it doesn't get distracting. Hopefully, more new stuff will be up later. Bye!

Sunday January 20th 2002
Yay! More updates! So much better than last week. Today I added a new link banner so if you would like to link to L2C you can use it. It's in the Misc section under "Link to Me." Also I added captions to the major links. Try them out. Just hover over the links at the bottom of the layout and some text will pop up. And finally, I got up another fanfic. Crystal Heart's "Three Words That Mean the World." Very sweet fanfic. Go check it out! 'Til next time, bye!

Sunday January 13th 2002
Well, I was hoping to get a bunch of little things done today. Aparrently not. I was changing a bunch of the scroll bars, but I fear I have damaged more than I have spifferized (new word) in the misc. section. So if you don't see a scroll bar, but the text doesn't end, just imagine there is one because there is. (It's just black.) Maybe I'll have better luck next week. But for now, ja ne!

Sunday January 6th 2002
Well, the first update of the new year is a good one! The midis are finally up. They may be changed around in the future, but they're gonna stay how they are for now. Only the library sections don't have music, because each fanfic has a different one. You can right click on the layout or menu to find out what midi you are hearing. Also, a new fanfic is up today. Yay! This time it's Crystal Heart's "Masquerade." Go check it out! It's a great fanfic. Well, 'til next time. Bye!

Wednesday December 26 2001
Well, I just fixed some kinks today. Hope you guys all had a great Christmas this year. If anyone has any GW or SM fanfic recommendations, please email me at Ja ne! (Hehe, the date didn't fit. ^^)

Monday December 24th 2001
Merry Christmas Eve minna! Today I was working on a wordfind. Once again, it took me a lot longer than I had expected, say a few hours longer, but it's finally up. Yay! Hope you guys have a great day. Ja ne!

Saturday December 22th 2001
Hallo hallo! I finally got up more of my own fanfic, "Tomes of the Past." Instead of writing chapter two, I went back and wrote a prologue which turned out to be much longer than I had expected. Look out for more changes in the Chikara section this week! Good news! I got the site reviewed at Bishoujo Reviews and the site recieved a gold award! I'll try to get the award up today. Domo arigato to Belldandy and Star Healer as well as the others at Bishoujo Reviews!

Sunday December 16th 2001
Hi! There's good news and bad news today. I was hoping to have a special update for you guys today, but due to unexpected events yesterday, I wasn't able to complete it. That's the bad news. The good news is that as a result of what happened you can expect a holiday full of treats and new things. Also, I got up "Just in Time," by Meredith Bronwen Mallory up today. It's the companion to "Time and Time Again," which has already been up for quite a while. Go check 'em out! Ja ne!

Sunday December 9th 2001
Gomen! Two weeks of no updates! Bad Chikara. Bad, bad Chikara. I'll have something for you guys next and if I can't find something, I'll just add a fic from an author that already has work posted here. Ja ne!

Sunday November 25th 2001
I was working on the info section most of the weekend, but I only got a little bit done. I'm waiting so I can put up a bunch of it together so it won't be coming for a while. Anyway, I wanted to have something for you guys to look at this week so I put up another one of Alicia Blade's fics. This time it's "Saying Good-bye to Dorothy Smith." I like this story mainly for how it deals with grief. When ya read it, remember to have a box of tissues near by. You'll be needing them. Bye!

Saturday November 17th 2001
Yahooo! There's a new fanfic in the Gundam Wing section! Hai, hai. You heard right! J-Chan's, "Soiled Pasts, Tainted Futures," is now up! Which means some changes in the gw section. Go check it out! Ja!

Monday November 12th 2001
Just some slight changes today. There's more song lyrics up, a slight change to the lyrics section, and an after link color change in the Candy Break. Hopefully that color works well. Tell me watcha think of it. Keep or go? That's it. Ja matta!

Sunday November 11th 2001
Sorry, I wasn't able to update last weekend. Tripod wouldn't let me into my file manager. Anywho, today I started getting up the Scrambler game in the Candy Break. You can take a look at that. Turns out there's a limit on the number of files so that project will be put on hold for now. More good news though, I started getting the lyrics section up. Ato de aimasho!

Monday October 29th 2001
More updates, yay! Today I got up the Honors section of the site. It's in the Miscellaneous page so go check it out! Also, the GW section was changed a little, as in there's a new announcement so go take a look at that too while you're at it. Well, gotta fly, bye!

Sunday October 28th 2001
I understand some people were having difficulty with the say what game. Bravenet's moving so some of their services are down. They should be back up soon, if not now. Thanks, Aqua Tenshi for the notification. Today I got the links section finally up, but that's about it. More later, ja!

Sunday October 21st 2001
I just fixed a few kinks in the quotes section and redid the misc layout. Sorry about the slowness this weekend. Bye!

Sunday October 14th 2001
Yay! More updates! The quotes section of the candy break is now up. Wohoo!!! But I've for some bad news, guys. My guestbook's feeling really, really lonely. Help cheer it up by signing it, puh-lez. Well, gotta fly. Laterz!

Saturday October 13th 2001
I was working on the site yesterday as well as today and guess what? Yup! I gotta bunch of new stuff up. The main candy break page is up as well as a new game! It's called Say What so be sure to check it out! And then a new fanfic is up. Alicia Blade's "Next Time Take the Stairs." I'm halfway done with the GW quotes section so you can expect that to be up tomorrow. Bye!

Sunday October 7th 2001
Well, I got Candy Break layout done, but that's pretty much it. The good news is that I got a start on a bunch of things that'll be up next weekend so look out for them. Tons of new stuff next time. Ja!

Saturday October 6th 2001
I finally managaed to get the misc layout up. That took a lot longer than it was supposed to so I'm gonna take a breather for now. See ya all tomorrow!

Sunday September 30th 2001
More misc updates today! Just a heads up, next weekend's gonna be a rocky weekend for the misc and candy break. I'm gonna be changing to more effective layouts. Hopefully, I'll start working on a fic too. 'Til then, ja matta!

Sunday September 23rd 2001
Pretty much just the same things as yesterday. A bunch of additions to the misc section. I think it looks a lot better with the new changes, don't you? Well, later!

Saturday September 22nd 2001
Just some minor updates today. There are a few new pages up in the miscellaneous section as well as a few changes to the entry page. Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday September 16th 2001
Konnichi wa, minna! Sorry, I was gone for so long. Anyways, another fanfic is up! It's, "For Arguement's Sake," by Isis so now all of the pages in the Sailor Moon section are fully activated. (Yay!) Well, that's it. Ja ne!

Tuesday September 4th 2001
A sad note... I hafta go back to school tomorrow so updates will be slowed, especially since I can only go online on weekends and when school's off. Gomen!

Thursday August 30th 2001
Yet again another fanfic is up! Alicia Blade's "Royal Flush" is now up in the SM Library. I'm still out looking for GW fanfics so if you find any good, non-yaoi fics out there please email me about it. Arigato!

Monday August 27th 2001
Hyello! Another fanfic is now up. This time it's Sailor Jes' "The Way." It's a long story, but well worth the time so go check it out! Also, I've been thinking of whether to put midis on the fics again. What'd you think? Send me any thoughts you have about it to Ja!

Wednesday August 22nd 2001
A new fanfic is up, Meredith Bronwen Mallory's "Time and Time Again." I also got a new counter, much better. ^^ Also, the debut of my fanfic, "Tomes of the Past," is now posted. Only chapter one though. That's it for now! Don't forget to sign the guestbook before ya leave! Later!

Thursday August 9th 2001
Well, a lot of new stuff this week. No new fics are up, but all of the main layouts for the sections are done. There's still some broken linking so beware. This page's layout was also changed. I think it's fits with everything more this way. Well, gotta go! Buh, bye!

Friday August 3rd 2001
Hello!!! Welcome to the (not so) grand opening of the new version of L2 Colony, Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing fanfiction. Hey guess what? It's Mamoru's birthday today! ^^ Yay! Actually I remembered it only three days ago so I had to push a lot of things on the site so that I could open today. So... Not much is up. Just two fics in the SM library and the layout for Chikara. Well, thanks for dropping by. Ja ne!