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Baby Usagi
Alphabetized By the First Letter of Author's Name
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v Alicia Blade v

Hostage Situation
A normal afternoon at the arcade turns out to be a little more when a meddling goddess shows up to reveal some hidden secrets.

Royal Flush
It all started as an innocent little game of poker, but turned out to be more than that. Could it possibly be Serena's worst nightmare and Darien's dream come true, or could things be different?

v Elisabeth Jamesv

Unknown Feelings
As a result of a hard battle, Serena is harshly injured. Darien steps up to the plate and stays with her in the hospital. Will this time together affect their relationship? And, if it does how?

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Sailor Moon is copyright 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation.
English Language Adaptation 1995 DiC Entertainment.