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There is no black and white, only shades of grey.
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Crown Arcade
This was where it all began. It was my first Sailor Moon general site and the only one at that. Some people may remember the hyperly repitative opening as well as the plum and dark blue style sheet layout. After a while, I closed it down after deciding to expand the fanfic section.

Destiny's String
DS was my first fanfiction site. At the beginning, it was open to all Sailor Moon fanfiction, but then I narrowed it to just Usagi and Mamoru stories. It was named after a quote from one of the break up episodes where Tuxedo Kamen talks about the string of destiny being cut. As my obsession with mech and gundams grew, I thought of expanding the site to Gundam Wing.

L2 Colony
The first version was made of simple table layouts. It was a place for Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing fanfiction that was under R rated. The next version of the site that was open to the public is the one you see today. L2 Colony comes from Gundam Wing. For this site, the L stands for library, and the two represents the two anime/mangas.

Hyena was my first online pen name. Like I said at Crown, it doesn't come from the way I laugh. It's actually an old nickname that I received because of my real name. It more of a playground joke, really.

Dogmatix is probably my most known pen name online since it was also the one I used on anime forums. I have several nicknames from it such as Matix and Doggy Waggy. The name is originally from a European comic called Asterix, which by the way is really cool so check it out if you see it. Dogmatix is Obelix's little dog. In other places, I'm still known as Dogmatix, just not in the Sailor Moon fanfiction world.

This is my current pen name. It's probably gonna be sticking around for a while so get used to it. ^^ In Japanese it means strength. I use this one mainly for sailor moon related things since the one I use the most doesn't really fit the genre.

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