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There is no black and white, only shades of grey.
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There are many goals I have for L2C. The main of which is to create a library of my favourite Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing fanfiction. All of the fanfics posted are hentai free and non-yaoi. Except for the honarable fanfics page, the fanfiction is suitable for most ages.

The two main archives are meant to balance each other out. The Sailor Moon library contains stories of the Usagi and Mamoru legacy while the Gundam Wing library is dedicated to the battles of Gundam Wing.

In the future, I hope that L2 Colony will become a well-known site in at least the Sailor Moon fanfiction community and be visited often. But, my biggest dream for L2C is for the visitors to have a place where thay can eaily find come great fanfiction and have a fun time.

"If you shoot for the sun,
you just might hit a star."
-PT Barnum

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