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"I kill crazy people."

"I'm not a pacifist."

"Life is cheap... especially mine."

"Peace is nothing but a result of war."

"Ninmu ryoukai."

"Mission accepted."

"Ninmu kanryo."

"Mission accomplished."

"When nothing makes sense, I'll fight believing only in myself."

"I'll kill you."

"Of course I can do it. I'm a gundam pilot, aren't I?"

"I'm telling you, hit your self destruct button!"

"Peace is nothing but a result of war."

"The only way to live a good life is to act on your emotions."

"Perhaps there was an age when people dreamed of the possibilities of life in the outer space."

"Ore wa umarete kara zutto maigo nano sa."

"I was lost ever since I was born."

. . .

"Damn, you're so single minded it amazes me."
-Duo Maxwell

"The best mechanics in the world couldn't fix things without the parts. Mechanics need parts for repairs, not like you with your leg."
-Duo Maxwell

"Besides, I'm just the same as you, a man driven by emotion."
-Trowa Barton

"Why is it that all the quiet boys have the flashiest ways?"
-Duo Maxwell

"I've had enough. Who else sets his own broken bones. Please, I just had my lunch."
-Duo Maxwell

"I'm surprised, Heero. You really turn up in the most unexpected places."
-Duo Maxwell

"Why did I even bother rescuing this guy? He's anti-social, thinks he's Evil Keneval, and hardly even speaks!"
-Duo Maxwell

"Now I see, Heero is the soul of outer space."
-Quatre Raberba Winner

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