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"Offense is the best defense."

"Those who are right have to be strong."

"Weaklings shouldn't fight!"

"Denounce me, Nataku."

"I will be true to my own sense of integrity."

"A woman? That's why she's weak."

"That's just the kind of thing a woman would think of, but I follow my own path."

"I am not worthy to pilot Nataku."

"All I want is to find out whether this justice called "peace," built on so many sacrifices, is worthy of the name! For this I will gladly turn to evil."

"I am Wufei. I won't run or hide until there's no one left to fight."

"Tatakai wa heishi de kessuru mono de wa nai no da. Kore de ore mo tatakai wo suteru koto ga dekiru. Saraba da, Treize."

"The outcome of battles are not determined by soldiers... From now on I can stop fighting. Good-bye, Treize."

"Destroy the enemy and there won't be a problem."

"I'll get rid of those who are evil in a fair fight."

"They're so unprepared, how disappointing. No one to fight."

"You saw I was just a boy and you underestimated me."

"I have no intention of fighting. Go way."

"All evil that chooses to fight in outer space is my enemy."

"Do not underestimate Nataku!"

"Why are you guys bringing this meaningless battle into outerspace?!"

"I'll keep fighting alone until the day I die."

"We are right... WE ARE!"

"I'm only fighting for Nataku."

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